Pigment App

I downloaded Pigment when it first came out, but stayed with the free tier, as I thought the subscription was rather overpriced for the use I would get out of it. Just recently, however, it was on offer for, I think, £30 for a year, so I subscribed. I am enjoying it, though possibly mainly as a form of therapy after a recent bereavement. But, hey,whatever gets me through the day…

One of the features I like is the option to import a design to work on. I tried importing some scans of the old Altair designs, but they didn't work very well. Then I tried importing some of the designs Ben Kwok did for the Ornation Creation Facebook group and these were detected by the app really well.

Here are a couple I have done. The dragon is one of the Pigment designs and the mandala is one of Ben's.

IMG_1683.JPG IMG_1689.JPG