Zentangle in colour

Recently a CZT friend of mine alerted me to a new Facebook group, where people were posting photos of their tangles done with colour. I have used a little colour in some of my digital tangles before, but not in my paper-based ones. Having recently purchased some metallic gel pens I thought I might have a go and this is the result.


Lap blanket

A quick "work in progress" update. I started a lap blanket a few weeks ago, with the leftover wool from my log cabin blanket.

I have used a pattern from Lucy's blog and just adjusted the number of starting chain to make it a little less wide. It will grow as long as I have wool for.



On a whim I bought a starter set for pyrography this spring. I haven't used it a great deal yet, mostly because it's rather hot work and summer arrived. It's pretty rewarding, though.
This is my first piece. The edging was done with one of the decorative heads provided with the pyrography iron. The centre is a Zentangle which I drew in pencil and then burnt into the wood freehand.


Zentangle Wolf


This is one of my Zentangle designs. The template came from the Ornation Creation Facebook group which is run by Ben Kwok, who makes templates available for free, for people to do as they wish with. Most of them are suitable for Zentangle.

I'm fairly new to this craft and I'm not particularly adept, yet. I am working on using more shading in my finished designs, something that I hope will come with practice.


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